Hi! 🎈 I am Marta Marchiori Manerba (she/her), Graduate student in Digital Humanities - Language Technologies, at University of Pisa in Italy :) Currently I am a Ph.D. candidate in AI within the national PhD Programme under the area AI & Society 🤖

During my studies, I explored the relationship between technology and human rights. I work on Fairness and Explainability in Natural Language Processing, focusing on digital discrimination and algorithmic biases. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Humanities from the University of Pisa, during which I developed a strong interest in hate speech detection towards minorities in online discourse.

Research Interests: NLP; Responsible Language Technologies; Human-Centered AI; Explanability; Transparency; Fairness; Algorithmic Auditing; ML Evaluation; Data Awareness; Intersectionality; Digital Discrimination; Abusive Language Detection


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